Beeswax candles




We make all our own candles and can therefore guarantee their exact ingredients - just 100% pure beeswax - without contamination from any other type of wax. Using traditional techniques we make small batches by hand from good quality beeswax combined with cotton wicks. They are free from additives such as dye, fragrance, bleach or colourants, or fillers such as soy, paraffin, palm or vegetable wax for example or softening agents such as coconut oil. Our long lasting pillar and church candles are made in a 24 hour process which allows for slow and steady cooling to maintain their form and finish. The wicks have a reduced need for trimming which results in the candles being easier to burn.

We also offer 100% pure beeswax candles in an ivory colour. The colour is achieved through a filtration process which avoids any use of bleach and results in this lighter shade of beeswax. 

New batches of candles are made each week to ensure they are freshly made when they arrive with you. If the sizes listed below aren't suitable for your candleholders please contact us for a quotation for made to measure sizes.

Please note, our candles are temporarily out of stock.
We will be accepting new orders again soon.

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 We offer hints and tips for achieving the maximum possible burning time for your candles plus advice on the ideal conditions needed for them to perform at their best. Details can be found in our candle care section and are included with your order.

Handmade in the UK