Beeswax candles


We make all our own candles and can therefore guarantee their exact ingredients - just 100% pure beeswax, with a distinctive yet very subtle natural honey scent. 
Using traditional candle making techniques we make small batches by hand from fine quality beeswax combined with cotton wicks. We're proud to guarantee that each one is completely free from additives such as soy, paraffin, palm, or vegetable wax etc and not blended with any other type of wax. Our range includes long lasting pillar and church candles which take a whole twenty four hours to make in a process which allows for slow and steady cooling.

Please contact us for bespoke candles if the sizes listed here aren't suitable for your holders.

We make new batches of candles each week to ensure that each one arrives with the maximum fresh beeswax scent. All orders are accompanied by a burning guide which offers hints and tips on the best way to burn your candles and further information can be found in our candle care section.

beeswax candles