Beeswax candles uk

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We're based in Dorset in the south of England, surrounded by beautiful countryside that honey bees thrive on. We make all our own candles and can therefore guarantee exactly what goes in to each one - just 100% pure beeswax, with a distinctive yet very subtle natural honey scent.

Using traditional candle making techniques we make small batches by hand from fine quality beeswax combined with cotton wicks. We're proud to guarantee that each one is completely free from additives such as soy, paraffin, palm, vegetable wax etc.  

Each batch varies slightly in colour according to the particular plants the bees have been visiting. This adds to their charm and in turn reflects the changing of the seasons and the variety of foodstuffs available to bees in various locations and at different times of year. The ivory coloured beeswax is carefully filtered using a physical process which avoids the use of bleach.

Our gift boxes are made from recycled board with a paper covering from sustainable forests and our postal boxes are also fully recyclable.

If you would like candles made to a specific size or design please see our bespoke candle page for details.

The burning qualities and characteristics of beeswax have been known for centuries and as such it's often referred to as the 'Queen of Waxes'. Whether for your home, wedding or special event or as a gift for a loved one beeswax is the perfect choice. Simply pure and natural and scented by nature.

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