Our roots

We've long been fascinated by bees and the wax they produce. The way it burns with a bright golden flame, it's fudge like appearance when broken into pieces, and of course its unique scent. It tells a story about how bees behave and what they like to forage on. 

We first started making beeswax candles in 2012, using self trimming wicks to produce an easier to burn product. We were hooked on determining what was needed to produce a candle that burned well and from there we created our range. We continue to expand the range over time and regularly spend many hours testing the candles in various styles of candle holders.

If you haven't yet experienced the bright light from a beeswax candle we hope you consider trying one. There's nothing quite like relaxing at the end of the day with candlelight. Consider how long you typically spend burning candles, perhaps it's half an hour, a few hours or a whole day, then choose one that matches your lifestyle. Pillar candles need to burn for a few hours at a time for a wide wax pool to form. Taper candles or slender rolled candles are useful for both short or longer spells. If you need any advice on which is the best option for you just give us a call.

beeswax candles uk

The burning qualities and characteristics of beeswax have been known for centuries and as such it's often referred to as the Queen of Waxes. Whether for your home, wedding or special event or as a gift for a loved one beeswax is a great choice. It's simply pure and natural, and scented by nature.

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Simply pure and natural, and scented by nature.